Looking for Commercial Use of the Clipart Images?

License for each image costs $5

  • Educational Use

    The images can be used freely for all educational purposes, provided this does not fall under commercial use (such as selling to teachers).

  • Posting Online

    If images are posted on a website – a link must be provided to our site.

  • Commercial Use

    We charge a nominal fee of $5 per image. For large numbers of images, we can offer a discount.

  • Transformative Use

    The image file cannot be sold ‘as is’ under any circumstances. The image should be used in a transformative way when being used for commercial purposes (i.e. the image can be used in a worksheet/book that is sold, but the image cannot be sold alone or as part of a digital pack of Bible images). You can however sell the image if you alter it in a significant and meaningful way.